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 The Standardized Scrimming Guide

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The Standardized Scrimming Guide Empty
PostSubject: The Standardized Scrimming Guide   The Standardized Scrimming Guide EmptyTue Aug 03, 2010 11:20 am

Communication+Strategy=Buying /=/ C+R+Noob

You need to combine strategy, communication, and buying the right weapons at the right time. There was this one scrim a couple of years ago when me and Shen were at a LAN Tournament, and one of my teammate (was probably Jeff/Achmed) who bought dualies on a pistol round when he should have spent them on two flashes and a nade. We had no idea he bought them until we slow rushed B and realised he was running in first, with the most expensive gun, on a pistol round.

This can hurt you a lot.

Money is everything, especially in Counter-Strike.

We almost lost because of one person buying the wrong weapon. You see, it all adds up to when everyone needs to buy. The person who bought out before everyone will either still have their gun and be fine, or have died and lost their gun and will have to use a pistol for the rest of the round. Four AK-47s T+Five AWP CT=CT Probability to Win.

You'd probably still lose if the AWPers were all WALLE level, but still.

List of Strategies the Strat Caller can use for dust2

I'll leave in some strategies any caller can use. It doesn't matter if you want to hide your strategy - anyone will figure it out eventually. SK Gaming had their strats figured out because of HLTV demonstrations, and because they released it, but still, they probably knew they'd be found eventually. It's the same for this, only I won't show any strategies me or Shen use as our signature strats for any of the other maps.

Naw fuck it.


Strategies is like sex - when your girlfriend gets bored of the lame moves you do, you'll eventually find out new ways to make her moan.

Skill Amongst Members

Everyone's different, but a successful team needs people who can do the following:

-follow strategies
-call spots
-exceptional skill
-can react quickly
-knows how to play Counter-Strike

With all five people like this, your team could be successful. You just need to practise a lot with the same people in order to get even better. You can not have a newbie play in a competetive scrim and expect to win when the other team will most likely have a full team of skilled players when yours has only four. Get the right people, train the right people, win a lot of the time. It's what el en does. Once you get to a certain level, you don't even need to play Counter-Strike to get better anymore.

Try using only the best of players for scrims, or at least people who can listen.
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The Standardized Scrimming Guide
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